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Something simple…

These past two weeks have been rough. The flu hit our house (just as it has for almost everyone, it seems). Dealing with sick kids and juggling everything takes it toll.

One thing I have been reminded of during this time is the importance of saying “I Love You”.

When my sweet Alexandra gets sick, she gets even sweeter than she already is on a daily basis. She is the most expressive one in our family with her feelings and compliments. You always know that she loves you and what she loves most about you.

Like tonight, with a froggy voice she said to me, “Mommy, I have a present for you. It is in my heart.” Then, she told me stand still and she ran up to me to give me the biggest hug and said, “My present is my hug.”

Her hugs are the best presents. I love them so much that I wrote about them here.

She grounded me. When our schedules get disrupted and extra stuff is added to our already overflowing plates, we lose focus on the little things.

The words “I Love You” can mean a lot to the people you care about. Sure, they probably know that you love them, but it just feels really good to stop in the moment and simply say it, out loud, looking them in the eyes.

That’s the best part of life, simply slowing down and saying “I Love You”. It can make all of the difference. It certainly does for me.


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