Here I Go Again

Here I Go Again


Yes, I’m back. It’s been some time. Too much time.

Here I go again.

I lost my focus. I was doing my best, but the last couple of years have been overwhelming to say the least. Lots of change, but most importantly, so much learning. Learning to love who I am and where I am heading in my life. Letting go and being the best person I can be. I’ve had some incredible successes and some devastating failures. I’ve learned through it all.

2016 kicked my “Be Present”‘s butt. I’m well on my way to doing better, bringing my focus back. Grief and transition will do that to you. You learn the hard way about your true bandwidth and how much you can actually carry without crushing yourself.

This is a big year for me. Milestone birthday. Living my life’s purpose in my career. Loving my girls. Loving myself and others. I’m focusing this year on just that: LOVE. This is what I bring to the world, its something I’m fiercely committed to each and every day. I will focus on being more present through giving more love.

You’ll see more from me here. I know that writing and sharing on my Be Present Project is what keeps me going. I hope you find it helpful in your own journey.

So, 2017. It’s here. I’m more than ready. As many of you know, I work hard on my goals. I’m sharing my updated goal planning sheets in case any of you want to use them. Enjoy and make 2017 an incredible year for you.




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