GUEST POST: Making Way for Presence to Bloom

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GUEST POST: Making Way for Presence to Bloom

I didn’t bring my phone. I didn’t bring my worries, my checklist, or my wandering mind. I simply brought my daughter and her baby doll.

I didn’t think about what I wanted to get done that evening. I didn’t think about any frustrations or grievances. I didn’t brainstorm, plan, or make mental notes. I only thought about that moment and the soft little hand holding mine.

I watched her as she picked flower after flower, excited in her new treasures, oblivious to the concept of time, innocent and carefree within her world. I wanted to wrap that moment in a box and display it as a reminder of presence and beauty, of what happens when I can really let go.

I couldn’t wrap the moment but I did display it and put her creation into a vase.

Those flowers sat there a long time, long after their prime, which for wildflowers is all about twenty minutes. Yet they served as a strong reminder for me how wonderful it feels to let go.

Had I had my phone with me, I may have taken a picture and shared it with Facebook about the lovely morning I was having with my daughter. Or perhaps if there had been a lull in time I may have checked my phone for texts or new emails. Had my normal meandering mind been with me, I may have gotten lost in what I needed to get done that day, or remember to do that week. My attention would have undoubtedly shifted to stress-mode about this or that in life. The experience would have been considerably different.

Instead though, I remained steady with my intention, modeling what presence looks like. How freeing it was to be there that morning in mind and body. It really is a challenge for me to step away my monkey mind in thoughts, or the habitual mind of checking and sharing. I have never regretted it though when I have. For when I let go, it gives rise to lovely moments as this.

It is not easy to set aside mental worries, to-do’s etc, or to feel comfortable unplugging and making yourself ‘unavailable’ for a few hours. What helps you stay in the moment? Tell us below.

Meg is a stay-at-home mom and author at A Mindful Journey. She is on a mission to live more mindfully and intentionally and explores new topics each month. You may catch up with her on this journey at


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