Find your anchor.

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Find your anchor.

Even for me, it is so easy to slip back into the distractions of everyday life. Working to be more present each day takes focus and commitment. Its kind of like working out: deep down you want to do it, you know you need to do it, it is good for you, and you feel fabulous afterwards. So, with all of these benefits, why is it still so hard?

Don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself time and flexibility to figure it all out. Your quest to be more present isn’t going to be the same as mine or anyone else’s. You may find that you have ten minutes each day to be more present. That’s ok. You have to start somewhere and even that small time can be so good for you.

Being more present each day means changing big habits. The habits of multi-tasking, watching TV, being on our phones, etc. We are so connected constantly that the pull for engaging in these activities is so great. Changing habits is hard when you have so much to do and so much at your fingertips. But, if you start small and work at it everyday, it becomes a way of life.

It helps to find an anchor. Something that will snap you out of your daily distractions. You may find that you need more than one anchor. My anchor for my cell phone addiction is the cover my daughter made for me. For my recent birthday, my awesome neighbors made me this frame to create a vision board. It is beautiful and I filled it with things to remind me of my commitment each day.

Anchors are great for motivation and encouragement. Discover one that works just for you. The vision board is just a suggestion, there are a lot of little things you can do.

So, go find your inspiration in an image, a quote, a song or an object. Then, keep that close at hand. When you feel yourself drifting away from being more present, pull out that anchor and let the moment sink in.


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