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Develop the “Present” Habit

I have been thinking a while about my first post for the new year and wanted to share, again, the “why” behind this project. I think being present will change my life and yours, if it hasn’t already.

I love classic texts. My Masters degree is in Secondary English Education…I live for reading and words. I came across William Osler’s address in 1913 to Yale University students called “A Way of Life”. Amazing. Everything he encouraged those students to do a century ago is still so important today. In fact, there are several other speeches that have moved me over the years including Steve Jobs and Randy Pausch, and all of them have one common theme: being present.

Realizing that all of these individuals are no longer with us today, they had a unique point of view and what they said is profoundly important. Success, happiness and a life fulfilled are the result of one thing: being present. We hear this all the time, but what do we ever really do about it?

This is my commitment and I hope that this blog each week reminds you and refocuses you in this ever-complicated, ever-connected world we live in.

William Osler stated in his speech, “Life is a habit, a succession of actions that become more or less automatic.” These words cannot be more true. What if we made being present a habit each day? I believe strongly that it would help us with our worry, help us to be more successful at our work each day, make us happier and find pure joy in our lives. Wow, what a life that would be!

He also talked about living “life in day-tight compartments”. I LOVE this. Focus on today, not tomorrow or yesterday. Worrying about what happened or what may happen only reduces our effectiveness and our happiness. He also said, “The load of tomorrow, added to that of yesterday, carried today makes the strongest falter.” Again, so very true. Why carry this weight on your shoulders? Let it go and live in the precious moments you are given each day.

Happiness lies in today. It is that simple.

So simple, but so hard for us to do! Change your habits, even if just one small thing each day (read my other posts for tons of ideas on what this small thing could be!) and live being more present each day.


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