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The Little Things: A Smile.


A smile is powerful. It feels good and does amazing things for your mind and body. I smile a lot. I particularly enjoy smiling at my girls when I look at them throughout the day and what do I always [...]

Champions of our journey: mentors


This afternoon, I received such a great surprise. My mentor texted me she was in town and wanted to see if I had time to get together. I was elated. This woman has been one of my biggest champions in [...]

The Little Things: Hugs


Sometimes, all you need in that moment is a hug. I know I needed one. So, here's one from one of the best hug-givers I know.

In Real Life (IRL)


I attended my first blogging conference called BlissDom. It was amazing. Yes, I found my bliss. I learned a lot and met tons of wonderful people. While I was there, I kept seeing this acronym: IRL. I will be honest, [...]

The “Why” Behind This Project


Wow, the viral articles flying around about the "Dear mom on the iPhone" have been intense. One side is judging and saying mom’s should get off the phone and pay attention to their kids, the other side is upset for the assumptions and the guilt trip. I [...]

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