A Life-changing year

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A Life-changing year

One year ago today, I published my Be Present Project. It was scary, and I wasn’t sure if anyone would even care about this project. I feared that putting myself out there like this might not be well received in this fast-paced world.

Still, I pushed my fears aside, dedicated my life to being present, and shared my stories here. The result? A life-changing year.

This project has improved my life in so many meaningful and amazing ways…

  • I have a bigger capacity for love. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true. I believe that my love for my family, my friends, and my world has only grown stronger because I have slowed down enough to appreciate them.
  • I’m happier than I’ve ever been. By being present, I’ve focused more on the things that I’m grateful for…this has made me incredibly fulfilled.
  • I have clarity of mind. I don’t feel as forgetful, and I have better focus. I notice more important details of my day.
  • My life is more well-rounded and complete. I don’t dwell as much on the past, and I worry less about the future. It’s not that I don’t think about these things, I just don’t let them get in the way of living my best life each day.
  • My family is more connected. I can say with confidence that they all know each day how very much I love them. This is the most important thing of all.

I know I’ve made each day, “a story worth telling”. I mostly tell these stories to my husband, but I often share them with you. I’m writing tonight to tell you that this is just the beginning. My journey doesn’t end here, it continues to grow.

I hope you will continue to join me on this amazing journey to be present. If you do, I encourage you to sign theĀ Be Present Project pledge and celebrate the little things every day.


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