A Letter To My Alexandra

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A Letter To My Alexandra

Dear Alexandra,

You are turning five today. I can still remember, in vivid detail, the peacefulness of your birth. You came into this world a sweet, alert and amazing baby. If all babies I had could be guaranteed to be like you, I’d have a dozen. You were such a precious baby, our little angel.

You have always been our sweet baby girl, but that sweetness has grown into a passion for people and relationships. You are so expressive and giving. Your personality is effervescent and people are immediately drawn to you. You know how to make a person feel really good about themselves and you strive to do this with every single person you meet.

To balance this giving, kind, energetic personality, you have a fire in you that lights up your eyes and makes you one of the most tenacious individuals I know. You never give up. You question almost everything. You have a hard time listening because you LOVE your life and living it to its fullest. I haven’t seen much slow you down. I hope you don’t let anything stand in your way or slow you down. Ever.

All of this power and passion wrapped up into one cute, spunky little body. I can already start to see the amazing person you are becoming and I couldn’t be more proud to be your mom. You have such great qualities about you and I know you will use them to do really incredible things in this world.

I’m amazed by you, charmed by you and in awe of you. You have brought so much happiness into our lives and I’m grateful for that. I hope that you continue to grow in your own way and I am so honored to be a part of your world.

Happy birthday my amazing Alexandra. My love for you is great, but I know your love for the world will move mountains.

All of my love…always,




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