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Here I Go Again

Yes, I’m back. It’s been some time. Too much time. Here I go again. I lost my focus. I was doing my best, but the last couple of years have been overwhelming to say the least. Lots of change, but most importantly, so much learning. Learning to love who I am and where I am […]

The little things…

As I have been on this journey to be more present in the lives of my children, I’ve started to notice little things. And, let me tell you, these little things have been awesome. One of the most precious things I’ve noticed looking more intently in my daughter’s eyes are her subtle freckles. They are […]

No Phone Zones

Do you have a mobile phone addiction? I did and I’m still working on my incessant need to check my phone. I remember when I didn’t have a cell phone. It wasn’t but a few years ago when I started to actually text people. Since then work email, personal email, texts and even Facebook have […]

Family Dinners

I love family dinners. I enjoy them during the week with my family and I love my Sunday night dinners with my sister and her family (when we have dinner for four adults and five kids!!) I love cooking and sitting down with people I love enjoying good food and great conversation. Last week, I […]

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